Getting Started!

Getting something started is hard. It needs dedication, hard work, consistency, perseverance and all the in-betweens of starting, hahaha.

I wanted to keep writing stuff on this blog, share work that I have done. Not necessarily any work, but work that I did and it made a difference to the organization or the society that it serves. I told myself I will redesign this blog and make it more usable. Maybe I could get some clients from it. Bought the domain a long time ago but haven’t used it.

So this is me trying to write at least one blog post in a month or two 🙂 We can say that this is a start. I will keep things simple. Only one blog post on the home page, no navigation, no contacts. Just a blog, sharing my random thoughts on anything worth sharing. If you find it useful, you can share to your friends 🙂

Getting started in doing anything needs a strong will-power and an environment that makes it easy for you to go on with what you start. I have faith that I will create this habit of writing, at least once a month.

Thank you for reading this far 😀

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