My First Wildlife Safari To Tsavo East National Park

My first time to a National Park was last year, where I visited Tsavo East National Park courtesy of Natural World Kenya Safaris. I fell in love with nature and made me want to visit more national parks in our beautiful country, Kenya. 

Tsavo East is Kenya’s largest National Park which neighbors Tsavo West separated through the Mombasa – Nairobi Highway. We were able to spot 3 (Elephant, Buffalo and Lion) of the big 5 (Elephants, Buffalo, Rhino, Lion and Leopard) among other wildlife.

Bird lovers will also enjoy bird watching as 500 bird species have been recorded. Wildlife can be spotted in close proximity. There are diverse wildlife in this premier national park and you will enjoy the sight of large herds of dust-red soiled elephants, a result of the red soil of Tsavo East.

We were in the park for 6 hours and were able to enjoy it. You can visit Tsavo East for a day over the weekend if you are in Mombasa, Kenya Coast. 

The weather was gloomy but I manage to capture these moments. Enjoy.

Bachuma Gate, Tsavo East National Park
A male and a female Impala. Males usually have horns while females don’t
A male Impala
Taking off after staring at us
A male Grant’s Gazelle
A male Waterbuck
A baby elephant drinking from a water hole in the Aruba dam
A male elephant, recognized from roaming alone and not in herds
Elephant raising its trunk
A male lion relaxing
A male and a female lion, about to get down to business
Did you know a lion would mate for a whole week without eating?
Black-winged Stilt
Golden Pipit
Marabou Stock
Helmeted Guineafowl
Swimming pool, Ashnil Aruba Lodge
Ashnil Aruba Lodge
Ashnil Aruba Lodge
Look closely at the bottom of the tree, an Eagle with a catch!
A bird’s nest, Ashnil Aruba
Game viewing drive
Gray Hawk
Gray Hawk
Yellow Flower – Friends 🙂
White Flower – Peace 🙂

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Thank you


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