6 things that I have learnt from my religion that help me run my digital business

There are many morals that I have learned from my religion to run my digital business. Allow me to share six that I know will benefit you on running your business.

1. Keep Time

It is a very important aspect of running any business. Time is very expensive and hard to be repaid. As Muslims time is paramount in everything we do in all acts of worship, the five times prayer has its stipulated timings. Time is likewise conscious in all other acts of worships; Hajj, Fasting, Zakat etc.

2. Trust

Trust is a thing every customer and fellow business person you deal with is looking in your business. Funny enough, It is tested in the negative perspective, as in, at the moment you lie or you do the unexpected, someone comes to a final assumption that you’re not trust worthy. It is enough to say our Prophet peace be upon him was praised for being trustworthy and trusted with items by his enemies, even of time when enmity existed between them.

3. Trustworthy

Become trustworthy in what you do, and your business attracts the blessing of your Lord. Simple technique to become so, call a spoon a spoon, and not a big a spade. Tell as it is to your customers. Remember it is takes long time to build trust but short time to break it. Be cautious.

4. Patience

It is the capacity to tolerate and accept that which you don’t expect without angry or getting upset. Life is not a straight line, and especially business life which depends many factors to achieve the business milestones. One has to first accept that which comes on his way, positive and negative, and greatly move on. The first way to solve problems is accepting. There then you’re on the road towards achieving a solution.

Patience is not the ability to wait but rather the ability to possess a positive mind and a good attitude while waiting. Like they say, patience is like swallowing something bitter without displaying any distaste on your face. When the going gets tough with your clients on payments and other stuff, your patience will surely be needed to keep your clients.

5. Steadfastness

Steadfastness is a word which encompasses being dependable, reliable and unwavering. One in business should have a stand which is known, no matter how the waves go. You should place a clear cut on what and who you deal with and who you should not. You should not be tempted to carry out illegal trading even if the deal is too good. Like they say, when the deal is too good, think twice.

6. Team Work

Together Everyone Achieves More, an acronym for team work. Team work is a make or break situation, where members with unity make it or disunited break it. Islam is religion of collaboration where we are taught values of no one can live like an island.

Right from the congregation in acts of worship, we learn to do things together. Human beings are social beings, but Islam particularly enhanced and sustains it. In business you need everyone, like everyone also needs you. Interact with people in a friendly manner, and contribute your efforts. We be go-givers than being go-getters, give more to get more, the life principles.

Written by Shamsudin Burhanuddin and I (Murad Swaleh)

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