Unprofessionally Fit

In life, you get to meet different kinds of people. Those who will be willing to help you and those who will be happy to see you fall. Some people will act unprofessional in their career that will affect you as an individual. All this happens to make you learn and appreciate life. 

The hustle.

Recently a close friend got a job in one of the spare parts shops in Mombasa. She was so happy to get back to a monthly pay after a year of unemployment. She was pregnant and her last work place was eating her up. Male chauvinism was part of her daily stories on her work place. Pregnancy became her main reason to quite.

She delivered safely and now the baby has grown to be fed, she got a call from a friend informing her about a job opportunity as accountant. She had completed her CPA(K) studies and was ready to move her career into the next level. Took applied and got the job.

The handover.

Now that she is employed, the other accountant is supposed to take her along on the accounting system and how they handle accounts in the company. As a professional, its good to be accustomed to different systems in your work. It will be an added advantage to you and the company hiring you won’t need to start training you (other companies will only need candidates that are proficient in the systems they use).

After the first week in this new company, my friend has learnt very little on the new system because the accountant would come on his own time and when around, will only teach her a few things. She got pissed off but kept cool. The second week is done and he tells her, “I have limited time to train you so  utajipanga”

There is a Swahili saying which goes like “Mtaka cha mvunguni, sharti ainame” which literally means, if you need something on floor, you have to bend to pick it up. Basically patience is being tested here and she had to search online to complete tasks.

The rules.

Abiding by the rules of a company is a must. But some companies have rules that will just eat you up as an employee. A company that doesn’t allow you to even touch your phone is way  too much. They didn’t allow people to bring in food nor did they have tea at 10:00 am. This is one of the reasons productivity of employees in these type of companies are below par compared to those who give their employees tea at mid-day.

Are the rules supposed to apply to all employees when enacted in a company? Some of the employees in this company were allowed to play with their smartphones and bring in food without anyone saying a word.

The breakup.

Before finalizing this write up, its sad that my friend had to be replaced by a man because it would involve travelling to Tanzania back and forth as another accountant in Tanzania had to quite. Her being a woman with a kid would inconvenience her.  It might be only two weeks in the company but the experience she got, should prepare her in her next endeavors.


If your company is looking for an accountant, my friend is still looking for a position.

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