Building Your Business Brand Online

Internet has changed the way businesses operate. From websites to blogs to social media, the internet can help your business grow immensely. Here are some of the key things you can do to build your brand/business online.

Create an Outstanding Logo

The first thing to make your clients remember you as a business is to have an outstanding logo. The logo should then be consistent in all of your digital media platforms (website, facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin…) that you use. Your logo is suppose to be easy for people to relate it with your business services.

Design A Bespoke Website

A website with all your products/services will be easy for your clients to know your business anytime they get online. Integrate your social media in your website so that clients can easily connect with you while they are socializing on social media. Your website should be easy for you to update new products or services (referred to as content management system which can be WordPress). It should also be easy for your customers to find things.

Get Your Website Optimized

After having a website, you will need it to be optimized so that it can be found by customers easily through search results. Now this part, many companies take it for granted while its the most important part of having a website at the first place. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website easier to be found on google, bing or yahoo by your potential clients when they search for certain keywords that match your products or services.

SEO is having great content on your website that your clients will be looking for. You will use keywords, page titles and page description which are derived from your content of that particular page. People are misled by “SEO Experts” telling them to stuff their page with lots of keywords which are not even on the content of the page. Google will give your website a penalty if you stuff it will keywords without great content.

Social Media Presence

Social media is known to help businesses thrive online through paid advertisements and client engagements.

Your business can use social media to advertise for your products and services to targeted clients in a particular region. A detailed report on your advertisement can be shown hence you get to know the results of your online advertisements.

Using social media for client reviews will also help you get feedback on your products/services and also getting new prospects who are looking at your services.

Consistency is Key

Running a business needs consistency and perseverance. Most of start-ups fail in the first year of their operation due to lack of consistency and perseverance.

Once you don’t get tired of what you do, and keep consistency in doing it, your will most definitely succeed in your online business.


A blog is an article written on your website in a reverse chronological order (meaning new blog post will appear first). The information is written in a conversational style and can contain a comments section where readers can leave their thoughts.

Having a blog will increase traffic to your website that is if you write regularly with information to update your clients on your products. A blog should be part of your marketing strategy to increase your online sales.

Hoping that you have learnt something about building your business brand online.

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