Persistence and Hard Work When Building Your Career

While I was starting Crablinks, I used to go source for work from clients’ offices. I remember this one time I visited a car dealership, near Mapembeni and met with the sales guy. I introduced myself and told him about how I can help their dealership expand by having a website, that will sell their cars online. Remember this was in 2009.

He told me the idea was good but it has to be through his boss, so he went to call his boss. After explaining my services, the boss said that he thought I came to buy a car and dismissed me rudely! The sales guy pitied me for his boss’s behavior. I was so broken that I did not go to another office. I called my wife and told her about it, she felt bad but she told me to go and relax but not to give up.

The next day I went to another office which was a tour company. The staff were welcoming and got a chance to speak directly to the director. They happen to have had some challenges with their website and needed a web designer to fix parts of their website.

The relationship that we built with the director of the tour company is up to date. I remember one time he told me you need to visit these national parks so that I get to understand their business and that’s how I got introduced to wildlife and nature which became my hobby.

Persistence and hard work will always take you far in your career. Remember there will always be barriers in your life, how you chose to respond to them is up to you!

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